Arctic Incentives going greener

Arctic Incentives, provider of some the most adrenaline-fuelled incentive programmes in the world, has taken some big steps towards achieving carbon-neutral operations.

Our DMC’s parent group, consisting of Lapland Hotels, Lapland Ski Resorts and Lapland Safaris is the Nordic Region’s largest supplier of adventure and activity services with 18 hotels throughout Finland. The group has now committed to use only sustainable energy in all of their properties and operations; hotels, safaris and ski resorts. This has been done as part of a sustainability programme together with other sustainable solutions, such as committing to offsetting all emissions from their snowmobile safaris in collaboration with Nordic Offset Oy from December 2019. In addition Lapland Safaris will make electric snowmobiles available on snowmobile safaris during winter 2021.

Finnish Lapland Incentives

How is their power guaranteed to come from sustainable sources?

They have signed up to the Guarantee of Origin system, which verifies that the energy only comes from 100% renewable sources in the Nordic countries, a mixture of hydro, wind and bio energy. By switching to sustainable energy the Lapland Hotels operation alone estimates an annual reduction of 4000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Offsetting Snowmobile Safari emissions

An essential way of exploring the snowy wilderness and an unforgettable thrill, heading out on snowmobiles has long been a bucket-list activity in Finnish Lapland. Arctic Incentives currently use four-stroke petrol engine vehicles with the market’s lowest emission levels and since December 2019 all emissions are being offset by funding carbon sinks in collaboration with partner Nordic Offset Oy.

Snowmobile safari with Arctic Incentives

Introducing electric snowmobiles in 2021

Going electric is a natural step in the journey to reduce emissions. In winter 2021 an initial phase of 30 to 35 snowmobiles will be introduced in Rovaniemi and Luosto. The selected electric snowmobile is well-suited for the Nordic climate. It fulfils strict safety criteria and has zero emissions and a low noise level, with the electricity used to recharge the snowmobiles being 100% from sustainable sources. The whole team is excited about these new directives as it means a greener experience for their clients and better protection of the sensitive Arctic environment.

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