Business Development Trip to Lisbon, Portugal, March 2015

The delightful gang from Portugal Travel Team joined with Corinthia Hotels to host a fun-filled weekend in Lisbon! Highlights of the Lisbon trip included the largest assortment of transport options assembled since Vasco da Gama set sail: VW combi vans, Go Cars, speedboats, jeeps and Beetles, plus the occasional use of shanks pony, allowed us to discover the highlights of the city along with nearby Cascais and Sintra, which are tailor-made for events of all types. We were blessed with – mostly – warm sunshine, as befits what many reckon to be the sunniest capital city in Europe. After many glorious meals, we also tasted the fabulous city nightlife which like so many aspects of the city is more affordable than most, if not all, other European capitals!

I’m an unashamed fan of Lisbon, a place of fascinating history, immense culture, excellent hotel choices, fresh seafood, fun activities and easy access. I reckon our guests, most visiting for the first time, will be back soon..