Realm Asia and Pacific Islands DMC

We are thrilled to announce that DMC Advantage has officially welcomed REALM Events into our portfolio.

Our collaboration with REALM Events marks a significant milestone for DMC Advantage as we venture into one of the world’s fastest-growing and dynamic event markets.

REALM Events, founded in 2020, swiftly rose to prominence after the COVID-19 pandemic, filling the void left by the demise of significant DMC and event companies in the Asia Pacific region. Led by CEO Selina Sinclair and members of the former Pacific World leadership team, REALM Events brings decades of collective experience in event management and destination marketing. They have orchestrated over 200 events across the region in the past two years, earning widespread acclaim for their ability to overcome challenges and deliver seamless experiences.

Moreover, REALM Events shares our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, reflecting the growing demand for sustainable event practices in the industry. REALM Events emerged as the natural choice for our expansion into the Asia Pacific region. Their unparalleled experience and dedication to excellence align perfectly with our core values. We are confident that REALM Events will be a trusted partner for our clients, delivering innovative solutions and unwavering integrity.

As event planners navigate uncertainties, they are committed to building trusted partnerships and facilitating seamless connections. Selina Sinclair’s team is eager to share its expertise and innovative approach with UK companies looking to explore this vibrant region. DMC Advantage is proud to have built its relationship with REALM Events over the past two years, and it’s now time to make our partnership official!

It’s an exciting chapter and an excellent addition to our growing portfolio of top-notch DMCs. Realm Events are poised to redefine event experiences in the Asia Pacific region.