Faces of Singapore

Singapore, an island city state covering a mere 720 square kilometres big packs a punch with a blend of elements that come together in unexpected symphony. From charming heritage buildings alongside ultra-modern architectural marvels, to street food served up side by side with internationally acclaimed gourmet fare, the city itself is a celebration of diversity that goes beyond the postcard-perfect sight of steely skyscrapers.

The melding of Singapore’s rich tapestry of multiracial cultures into a harmonious collective is the country’s biggest attraction. Explore the city’s oldest places of worship offering a spiritual glimpse into the heart of our communities and step back in time and admire stunning colonial buildings which are testament to our colonial past, providing insights to our tradition and beliefs. A mosaic of cultures, cuisines, languages and beliefs, co-exist harmoniously despite their differences.

In contract to the cultures and heritage, modern Singapore presents an impressive skyline of world class shopping, premier performing arts, culinary excellence, cutting edge architecture, glitzy or quirky hotels and adrenalin pumping sporting festivals to the likes of Formula 1, SingJazz Festivals, Biennale and many more.

Singapore, also known as the ‘Garden City” has an abundance of recreation options, nature and wildlife. Explore exotic lush tropical landscapes, beaches or take a cruise to our outer islands. Superbly efficient, Singapore offers an infrastructure perfect for international MICE events and is frequently awarded ‘best convention city’. Coupled with outstanding service, Singapore is easily one of the best countries to stage your events.