While we sit at home, entertaining children, doing workouts and darning socks, an idea that struck us at DMC Advantage was why not introduce our DMC partners and their destinations in a series of webinars. In this way we hope our wonderful clients will have more knowledge of our partners and what their destinations offer in their armoury when events business returns.

Please find a UK time schedule of webinars below. If you would like to attend some – or all – of these please email me at james@dmcadvantage.co.uk for login details:

Pure Arabia Incentives, Conferences & Events LLC UAE 7th April 11am
IKEBANA France & Monaco 8th April 11am
Microcosmos DMC Hungary 9th April 11am
Pure Arabia Incentives, Conferences & Events LLC Oman 14th April 11am
Alpine Sterling DMC – Malta & Gozo 14th April 3pm
Performance Travel Amsterdam 15th April 11am
DMC Poland 15th April 3pm
Vega Portugal 16th April 11am
Wise Bohemian River DMC Prague16th April 3pm
Walthers Tours Southern Africa 17th April 11am
Factor 3 Events mainland Spain 17th April 3pm
maximice events group Balearics and Valencia region 20th April 11am
BDP Event, Cruise & Special Interest Denmark & Sweden 21st April 11am
imperial connection – your austrian mice and travel partner 21st April 3pm
Sena Iceland 22nd April 11am
Faces of Singapore 23rd April 11am – also introducing their China, Hong Kong and Thailand offices.