We are hosting a series of webinar presentations for our DMC partners, offering you the chance to meet with our friendly colleagues. Please join us for an overview of their companies and a flavour of the wonderful programme possibilities in their respective destinations, along with any new hotel/venue and experience updates. The following 5 DMC partners will be kicking off proceedings during January:

Wise Bohemian River Prague – Friday 14th Jan @ 11:00
BDPNEXT Scandinavia – Monday 17th Jan @ 14:00
Passion for Events Argentina – Tuesday 18th Jan @ 14:00
Walthers Southern Africa – Friday 21st Jan @ 11:00
Imperial Connection Austria – Friday 28th Jan @ 11:00

To join, please let us know at james@dmcadvantage.co.uk or simon@dmcadvantage.co.uk which webinar/s you are interested in and we will forward your access link.

We appreciate your support!