Denmark DMC Advantage


Denmark is a fairy-tale kingdom, tucked in between its Scandinavian neighbours and the rest of Europe. Once known for the infamous Vikings who sought to wreak havoc amongst their surrounding countries, Denmark is now home to the happiest people on earth, making it a country that no other can rival. The country is a frontrunner in many means: sustainability, urban planning, design and architecture – and gastronomy. It is also home to the famous H.C. Andersen, the oldest monarchy in the world, the country where every inhabitant bikes and home of the addictive TV drama series. Every corner of the country emanates a hint of Denmark’s living culture and history.

The city of Copenhagen is packed full of history, culture and dozens of beautiful sights all within an arm’s reach of one another. At the same time, Copenhagen leads in innovation, renewable energy and modern architecture. Copenhagen is highly accessible to bikes, with 400 km of cycle paths, and a trip to the famous Little Mermaid is made increasingly memorable when travelling there on two wheels along the water. Here you will find the top dog in New Nordic cuisine and the world’s best restaurant, Noma, with one of the city’s Michelin star titles. Copenhagen is filled with the “hygge” that Danish people live and breathe for and the entire city reflects upon the tales of H.C. Andersen, through the green garden spaces, fairy-tale castles and picturesque streets. Sweden’s third biggest city, Malmö, is just a 45 minute drive away.


  • Sail in rib boats or a proud schooner from Copenhagen airport to the city centre. Upon arrival, The Little Mermaid greets you with divers bringing you champagne and your company logo
  • Tantalise your taste buds on an gastronomic adventure around Copenhagen
  • Date-a-Dane. How are those Danes? Are they as happy as they say?
  • (Want to meet a Christiania hippie? A Danish soccerfan? …or)
  • Hire a Me-Mover, the Danish invention of a three wheeled step bike, to experience Copenhagen
  • Help a bee – Make your own urban honey. Sample the fruits of Copenhagen City bees labour
  • Compete on GPS adventure where you will complete tasks in order to compete for the winning place.
  • Experience Nordic Noir with Denmark’s very own “The Killing” and “Borgen”
  • LEGO – want to be child again? Try one of our fun LEGO activities.
  • Dinner at Prince Hamlet’s own Kronborg Castle, by met by the prince himself.
  • Viking for a day – put on your helmet and sail your own Vikingship, fight the enemies, and throw the bones over your shoulder and a horn of mead to end the day…..og extend by staying overnight in the Viking village.
  • Adventurous challenges at the fortress island of Copenhagen.


Copenhagen is a destination best suited for groups of between 30/ 50 and up to 500. The city is small and easy to navigate, making everything within a reasonable walking distance of one another, perfect for a trip including both business and leisure.

The group will feel at ease when they realise that almost everyone in Copenhagen is more than happy to communicate with excellent English skills.

Copenhagen is both historical and a modern metropolitan city, which can experienced from many possible modes of transport including canal cruises, Me-Movers and bicycles.

The city will cater for groups who wish for an adventurous stay, or those who would like to sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful surroundings. With Sweden being only a 20 minute train ride away, this is also the perfect destination for a group who may wish to experience 2 countries during their trip.

City life in Copenhagen is thriving, with many different and versatile restaurants, cafés and bars to choose from. Come day or night, there is always something going on in this cosy city, meaning your clients will have an unforgettable experience.


From classic five star hotels, design inspired and boutique hotels, to the more modest hotels in Copenhagen, BDP have the knowledge and ability to find the best accommodation for your group. The AC Hotel Bella Sky is Copenhagen’s largest hotel with 4 stars and 814 rooms. Copenhagen is also home to the exquisite 5 star d’Angleterre hotel and Nimb, as well as boutique hotels like Hotel SP34.

There are large conference facilities around the city, including the Bella Center, Tivoli Congress Center, Radisson Blu Scandinavia and the Marriott as well as more edgy venues for product launches or kick offs. We at BDP have built a strong network with hotels around Copenhagen, meaning that no matter what you are looking for, we will find the right place to fit the wishes of your group.


The peak season in Copenhagen is between April and October. December also attracts many visitors, who come to see the festive Christmas markets and lights around the city. The off peak travel season in Copenhagen is between January and March, when hotels may be able to provide groups with a favourable offer.


February – Wondercool Festival (culture in the form of food, music and tours around the city)

July –Copenhagen Cooking, Copenhagen Jazz festival

October – Copenhagen Culture Night

November – CPH:DOX


UK – Copenhagen

Direct flights to and from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow to Copenhagen are generally around 1hr 55 min, with at least 15 flights departing daily from London, as well as direct flights leaving from Scotland every day.

Copenhagen airport – city centre

In just 15 minutes, the train or metro will take you from Copenhagen Airport right into the city centre. A bus will take 30 minutes and a taxi will take around 20 minutes, subject to traffic conditions.

Copenhagen – Malmö

It takes just 25 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station to the city centre of Malmö by train. By bus the journey takes only 45 minutes. From Copenhagen airport to Malmö, it is only a 30 minute drive.

Stockholm to Copenhagen

A 5½-hour train journey with several departures per day allows you to combine visiting the capitals of Copenhagen and Stockholm together.