Dubai is a regional hub for business, tourism and sports, it is considered one of the world’s most modern countries in the world. It lends full credence to the title “Best of East and West” with its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The nerve center for trade and commerce in the economically vibrant Arab Gulf Region, Dubai is also a centrally located international destination. The city is effortlessly accessible by direct flights from as far as Asia, Australia, North and South America and Europe.

Dubai boasts a large number of small – large sized event and business venues including conference meeting rooms, exhibition rooms, halls and theatres, accommodating up to 15,000 delegates. The majority of these venues feature all the sophisticated facilities one would expect. In house secretarial and translation services, catering, breakout rooms, modern IT and communication systems are just to name a few.

Where does all this come from? It’s simply related to having a chance of experiencing live how fast and successful Dubai, the place where modern wonders take shape, is moving towards fulfilling the “Vision of Future Dubai” created by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad, Ruler of Dubai, in creating what is called “21st Century Arabia”.

In Short, Dubai has all the right ingredients for the perfect program.


The best time to visit the UAE is from October up until May. Blue skies are the norm and the evenings are pleasant.

Daytime temperatures are ideal during November, December, January and February (around 27°C) although the evenings may be a little cool (18°C). By March–April, temperatures are beginning to rise during the day but humidity is still low and the evenings are warm. May can be quite hot again (32+°C).

June–August is to be avoided, especially the July–August period which is very hot (45°C) and humid (95 per cent). However hotels and golf clubs and other facilities offer very good deals during the summer months and it is worth remembering that hotels, shops, in fact all buildings, cars, buses etc. are well air-conditioned.


Accessibility into Dubai is quite easy especially since we have one of the fastest growing airlines worldwide Emirates, which has, direct flights to more than 140 destinations worldwide and growing.

There are a number of different international flights, which have direct flights coming to Dubai on a daily basis making our destination highly accessible to all parts of the globe.

For the UK market Dubai benefits from 5 world-class airlines that fly direct from London.

  • British Airways
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Royal Brunei
  • Qantas


Dubai has a large variety of accommodation options, you need to decide carefully which option to be availed based on the business objective you have in mind. Whether you are looking for a 5 star city property for a conference or a beach property for an incentive or even a desert resort to offer an exciting experience for your guests, Dubai has it all.

Dubai has accommodation options for every budget and taste. Choose from a wide variety of premium, standard or budget hotels – there are currently more than 625 hotels with more than 80,000 hotel rooms.

With the fast pace of the city’s growth there is always a new and exciting property that has either recently opened or is just around the corner, estimates show that about 20,000 to 30,000 more rooms will be available by end of next year.


Dubai has a large number of activities and excursions. Guests can experience all the fun and entertaining activities such as driving experiences at the Dubai Autodrome, Indoor Ski Slope, Shopping, Sailing in Yachts/Catamarans, Golf etc. or they can learn and experience the Culture and Heritage that Dubai has to offer by participating in tailor made city excursions, Cultural excursion, Local cuisine cooking classes and many more.