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Choosing the right UK DMC representation company is an important choice, for both agencies and DMCs. At DMC Advantage we focus on the needs of both sets of clients.

If you are a UK based meetings and events organiser, we are in a position to really assist you with prompt, accurate and cost-effective solutions for your events. But more than that we work with our DMCs to develop programmes that are ideally suited and phrased for the specific needs of the UK market. We work with agencies to develop programmes that will help you win important pitches, delivering the perfect programme for your event.

DMCs appreciate our feedback on UK specific requirements, our efforts to introduce them to the key players in the industry and last but not least James and Simon’s considerable addressbook of agencies.

At the end of the day, our job is to help UK companies find the right DMC for their event, because we love helping to organise fantastic events.

The DMC Advantage

Representing DMCs should not just be about forwarding emails and making introductions. At DMC Advantage, we help DMCs put their best foot forward, with advice and consulting tailored specifically to the UK MICE market… more

The Agency Advantage

We know what you want. Having polled a number of proposal writers from several leading MICE agencies, we tailor our DMC responses to make them: relevant, timely and realistic, based on your requirements… more

About us

With 10 years behind us in the DMC representation business, we are well positioned to harness the power of exceptional agency contacts. It’s a “who you know” business and we can reach out to a huge proportion of the UK MICE business… more

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