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Athens is a vibrant and hospitable city, offering countless activities for all types of visitors. This European capital is bursting with creativity and character, lively debate and intellectual exchange. A city blessed with year round sunshine, offering blue flag beaches, a thriving gastronomical scene and endless temptations for shopping and adventure seekers.

Its modern tourism identity is characterised by new infrastructure, an excellent transportation network, renowned museums, UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites, the longest pedestrian archaeological park in Europe, the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum – the focal point for museum fans worldwide.


Greece is known for its mild climate, characterised by sunny skies, warm temperatures and a lack of humidity all year round. Temperatures climb above 22°C from April to the end of October, with mild winters from 7°C to 15°C and blue skies with minimal rainfall. Average daylight is 8-9 hours.


There is a choice of airlines operating direct flights to Athens from the UK, with a flight time of just over three and a half hours.


The city’s accommodation has come a long way. From the first rooming houses to today’s five star establishments, the art of welcoming and pampering guests has evolved into a philosophy worthy of its ancient legacy. Nowadays the capital and its surroundings offer over 29,000 rooms in 493 hotels of various categories. The majority of infrastructure was upgraded before the 2004 Olympic Games.


Throughout Athens, you will find a range of eateries from traditional tavernas serving good homely Greek cuisine to elegant restaurants serving up dishes with a modern, creative twist. Moreover, Athens also offers a wide choice of international cuisine to satisfy any visitor’s appetite. So when in Athens, get ready to discover that Greek cuisine has more than “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and “choriatiki” to offer!


All you heard. All you read. All you googled. Nothing compares with the real Athens. Visit this unique and multidimensional destination and just live it!