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Located on the western side of Greece, Corfu Island (Kerkyra) is part of the renowned Ionian Islands. Kerkyra has excellent tourism services, beautiful beaches and delectable cuisine and as a result is one of Greece’s most popular destinations. Visited by thousands every year, numerous guides have been written about this Mediterranean island whose culture still contains many Venetian elements.


The climate of the archipelago is warm Mediterranean. The summer is warm and relatively dry with a blue sky, often cooled by seasonal breezes offering ideal conditions. The mountainous areas are cooler. The winter is mild, with rainfall occuring mainly from November to March. There are around 3000 hours of sunshine per year with an average daily sunshine duration of 8.5 hours!


The International Airport is located around 3 kilometres south of Corfu Town. You can fly from a number of UK major & regional airports to Corfu, either by British Airways, Easyjet or Ryanair.


The Ionian Islands of Greece provide visitors with multiple hotel accommodation choices. With a sturdy population all year around, Corfu is one of the more developed islands, offering excellent hotel accommodation with excellent service – for every budget.


Dining here is vivid with strong flavoured meat and fish dishes accompanied by local wines. The most popular dishes found in local restaurants have been influenced by the Venetians: sofrito (fried veal), bourtheto (peppery fish stew), bianco (garlicky fish stew) and pastitsadha (pasta with beef) and of course, pastitsio venetsianiko.


Excellent hotels and service combined with mouthwatering cuisine and beautiful surroundings make Corfu a memorable experience!