Barcelona is an old dame who eternally retains her youth. She lives between the mountains and the sea and oozes wonderful creativity. She is full of art and full of life. Such is the old dame; over 2000 years old, she appears to be drowsing peacefully between the Mediterranean and the hills, the past and the present. However, once inside, you see she is bustling with life.


Barcelona’s location on the shores of the Mediterranean means that it enjoys a warm, welcoming climate and pleasant temperatures all year round. The weather in May, June and September is particularly suitable for outdoor activities.

GETTING THERE: La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, spain.

Barcelona is well-served by land, sea and air links. Getting there is easy.The high-speed train (AVE) connects Barcelona with the European rail network and Madrid. There are numerous flight services to airports across the UK and the rest of Europe. Barcelona is just an hour and a half’s drive away from France.


Thanks to the 1992 Olympic Games, Barcelona has an extensive, top-quality hotel infrastructure. The hotels have their own particular styles and offer a wide range of services and comforts so that you will feel completely at home. They all offer top-quality services and conscientious customer assistance, in accordance with European standards of quality.


Catalan cuisine is mainly based on seasonal products from the land. Olive oil, aromatic herbs, fruit and fresh produce such as fish, meat and vegetables are the essence of the “market-fresh cuisine.

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Barcelona is a wonderful city. There is a spectacular combination of art, culture and leisure activities that can be combined with all manner of business pursuits. There is something for everyone!