This city on the shores of the Mediterranean is two thousand years old. Today, two branches of the River Turia hold it in their embrace, creating a fertile region of orchard lands. The city used to be the capital of the former Kingdom of Valencia encircled by walls until the 19th century and is the third largest city in today’s Spain. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Christians have all made it their home and left their mark here. This rich history, together with the colourful traditions, the wonderful climate and recent cutting-edge urban regeneration projects make Valencia a great place to visit.


The subtropical, Mediterranean climate means it enjoys very mild winters and long, warm to hot summers. Even in the coldest month of January the temperature typically ranges from 10C to 20C.

GETTING THERE: Valencia, Kunsthalle, Costa Azahar,Spanien

There are direct flights from Bristol, Manchester, London (Gatwick, Stansted) East Midlands and Dublin.


Valencia boasts a great selection of 4* and 5* hotels from elegant traditional to resort luxury.


Valencian cuisine is varied, natural and authentic. The fruits and vegetables of its fertile gardens, together with its fresh fish and shellfish, are the principal ingredients of this sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine. Recently, a new breed of more avant-garde, international restaurants has also been springing up in the city to match its increasingly fashionable reputation.


The city offers classical, Baroque and gothic venues as well as cutting-edge spaces for fine dining.


Valencia offers a combination of traditional and modern meeting facilities, including the Palacio de Congresos, La Ciudad de Las Artes y Las Ciencias, and La Fira de Valencia.

seafood paellaTHEY SAY:

Valencia is an exciting destination that is becoming increasingly popular with overseas clients. This coastal city offers a wonderful climate, a wide range of leisure activities and great food; it is the home of the paella, after all!